These Powerpoint and Google slide presentations are available for you to follow along in class, review after class, or go back and get information you may have missed the first time through the material.

Ancient World History Review

Chap 1 abridged Testa    chap 2 merge testa    chap 3 merge testa

ch04_sec1      ch04_sec2      ch04_sec3      ch04_sec4

ch05_sec1      ch05_sec2-and-sec3-combined

ch06_sec1      ch06_sec2      ch06_sec3      ch06_sec4

ch07_sec1     ch07_sec2      ch07_sec3

ch08_sec1     ch08_sec2     ch08_sec3

ch09_sec1    ch09_sec2    ch09_sec3    ch09_sec4

ch10_sec1    ch10_sec2    ch10_sec3    ch10_sec4

ch11_sec1    ch11_sec2    ch11_sec3    ch11_sec4

Unit 6 World War I     Between the wars

textbook materials testa combo    Unit 8 World War II    World War II Documentary Film

Cold War Overview Testa     Comparative Table     Comparative Table Grid

Korea and Vietnam     USSR

ASIA     Terrorism     Israel and Pelestine

ASIA      central and south America      Other Africa