Contest Opportunities

Here are links to a few contest and awards opportunities that I have found lately.


BRI essay contest

JFK Profiles in Courage

Fed creative writing contest

CEE Video Contest

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Immigration Policy

On Tuesday, September 7 all my classes will be discussing immigration policy. For some classes it will be a new topic and not necessarily related to our regular curriculum. For some classes it is very closely related and will enhance previous and future material covered in your course. Those of you who would like to investigate and comment further on this topic please use the following links and add your comment below.

Immigration Point-Based Systems

PPT slides of stats

NPR coverage of immigration

PBS coverage of immigration

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Hey everyone,

I hope you have had a great summer and are ready for an outstanding school year. I am glad to have you in my class. I hope you will find it interesting and challenging.

Thanks for using my website.

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Have great summer!

No more bonus blogs for the year. Study for your exams and then enjoy your break.

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World Water Crisis

Some have stated that water is the next great resource that nations will fight to the death over. Some have recognized the water crisis that effects poor communities around the world, while some have challenged the policies that threaten rights to clean, cheap, public water. Watch the videos below then comment on this most fundamental need.

charity: water

one global

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Wage Disparity

As a result of our class discussions of women in the workplace, affirmative action policies, union membership, and education inflation, I thought of one more “in the news” topic that would be good to explore – wage gaps between the richest and poorest workers in America. Take a look at the links below then comment on this critical conversation.

New York Times

Pew Research Center

CNN Money

PBS Newshour


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And the Race Begins…

…in Iowa!? Why there? Then to New Hampshire? and South Carolina? This is crazy. When does Ohio get to decide? Why does DC wait until the middle of June? Will it even matter by then? Use this blog to discuss predictions, favorites, outcomes, and surprises about this year’s unique presidential election season.

Election Schedule

Washington Week


Student Daily News

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Starting Fresh

As we begin a new semester, I hope you all will find the learning rich and your experience to be exciting. If you wish, take a moment to share your thoughts about school, the news, government, and/or economics. It would be fun for all my classes to share their concerns and hope for this Spring.

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New Year Resolutions

Feel free to share the things that you would like to improve in your life during the upcoming year. Why did you choose it? What will it take to succeed? What will be the toughest part to change? Please refrain from items that are too personal, but focus more on school-related conversation.

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Tough Times, Tough Talk

The news is filled with mass shootings, terrorism, climate change, refugees, immigration, and police brutality. Search a news editorial about one of these topics, share it, and comment on why you think the author is correct or incorrect about these difficult problems we face as country and world.

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