Supplemental Readings


All readings open/download as a pdf. To get the latest reader, visit
The readings are organized by topic / unit, but may be assigned out of order per the instructor. Click on the link below each reading to access the assignment.

What Do Empires Do?

Just War Theory
Just War Theory reflection

American Decline?

Whose Doctrine?
whose doctrine

Political Participation
Barber Reading on Participation

The Constitution Questions

For all of the following assignments, you will be asked to read parts of the Constitution, and answer sets of questions that are designed to help you understand the content of this great document. You will need a reliable copy of the Constitution to refer to as you answer questions. Also included are questions for the Declaration of Independence.

Declaration of Independence

Article I, Sections 1 through 3

Article I, Sections 4 through 10

Article II, Section 1

Article II, Sections 2 through 4

Article III

Articles IV through VII


 Ohio Constitution



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