Emmaus Class

Here are the materials for our class:

Bible Literary Genres

How to Study the Bible fill in notes

how to study Bible syllabus

How to Study the Bible slides

Psalm 119 worksheet

2 Timothy Text

Know It class assignment

Know It Class.Barberton

Know It Class.Barberton.STUDENT

Know It Class Notes

Corrections forThe New How to Study Your Bible”
–Lesson 1
™Required 7-23, Extended 25-52
Lesson 2
™Required 55-66, 73-79
™Extended 67-72, 81-119
Lesson 3
™Required 157-164, 123-127
™Extended 131-154
Lesson 4
™Extended 165-192

2 Responses to Emmaus Class

  1. Tracy Rose says:

    Hi Steve,
    Do you know of any websites where one can print out the Observation worksheet blanks ?

  2. Steve Testa says:

    Hi Tracy,
    The website for Kay Arthur ministries is http://www.precept.org.
    It looks like you can get to some lessons and other materials, but there may be a charge to download.
    Also, in the notes packet for our class there is a modified page that I created based on hers from the back of the book. There is a copy of the notes packet is on this page of my website if you want to make changes and run more copies for yourself.
    Steve Testa

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