After a brief introduction to Economic reasoning, we will explore the basics of Micro and Macro Economics. Our study will also explore personal finance issues and increasing globalization and world markets.

This class is full of simulations and challenging learning games. There is a research topic, outside essay, and weekly readings and blogs.

ODE Model Curriculum

Course Outline

Here are some useful websites that may help you in this class:

student video contest

bls jobs and salaries


Uncommon Sense Framework

Living Wage

The Mint Grad

survival in the third world

Economic Indicator Data

Baby Steps

Chairman Game

farmer game

Budget Busters

Economic Models

Mortgage Calculator

Federal Reserve

Econ of Seinfeld

 STEM career website

KBB car buying guide

Akron Auto Sales

Chronology of Money

Spending Challenge

Needs vs. Wants

My Life Money Management

Fiscal Ship Game