Great Thanksgiving Listen

A project with NPR and the Library of Congress called “Story Corps” has recorded everyday Americans discussing life with everyday Americans ever since the 9/11 attack. They have produced radio interviews, books, articles, and thousands of documents for the Library of Congress. A few years ago they created an app that would allow students to record relatives around the thanksgiving dinner table. Please check out the website, consider submitting an interview and blog about the experience here for bonus.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

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3 Responses to Great Thanksgiving Listen

  1. Hannah Minix says:

    I tried out story corps for the first time and it was interesting. I got to learn things I had no idea about my relatives. The app is a great way to get to know more about the people you dont see that often. I recommend this app a lot, it is very creative and useful.

  2. Malak Abuhashim says:

    Because of the 2o08 House Market Crash my Uncle’s company ended up shutting down and he lost the job because to cut the cost the company moved the jobs to China. He looked for another job for over a year and ended up moving with his Family to Qatar. It affected my family because the value of our house went down $60,000 and we were not yet done paying the mortgage so my parents had to pay more money for a house that had less value .

  3. Michael Kerosky says:

    My grandfather grew up in a very Polish neighborhood- in fact him, my mom, and that entire side of the family is 100% Polish. He can still speak a little bit of it. Hearing about his life’s story was pretty interesting- he had a pretty straightforward life: dated pretty much one girl who he married at 21, worked in a steel mill as a manager for nearly 4 decades, and has been a practicing Roman Catholic all his life. He’s not one for big talk about ideals and whether or not his life has been fulfilling- but I could tell from the way he was speaking that he feels his life has been a good and fulfilling one. He’s always seemed a great person to me and I really look up to him.

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