Two former presidents gave speeches yesterday that touched on high-minded principles like democracy, freedom, and the American dream. Obama was focussed on a campaign rally, while Bush headlined a forum on liberty with some extraordinary guests. Please take a look at the speech and panel discussion and share your thoughts about what is good about America and the shared values that we have.

Spirit of Liberty

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3 Responses to Liberty

  1. Hannah Minix says:

    “Right now, one of our worst national problems is a deficit of confidence. But the cause of freedom justifies all our faith and effort. It still inspires men and women in the darkest corners of the world, and it will inspire a rising generation. The American spirit does not say, ‘We shall manage,’ or ‘We shall make the best of it.’ It says, ‘We shall overcome.’ And that is exactly what we will do, with the help of God and one another.ยจ This quote shows that America is a country of Freedom, and it inspires people all over the world and tells them to overcome. I think america is good because we get to vote and have a say most of the time and we have freedom.

  2. Bella DeMarco says:

    One of the most agreed on policy in the United States is the policy of freedom and liberty. Americans thrive on the thought that “this is a free country”, which is often used as an excuse to do whatever we want. When in reality, the freedom of this country comes with limits, or else it would be essentially anarchy. Although, the United States today tends to be socially progressive but there is still oppression because the citizens believe they can say whatever they want about whomever they want and there will be no backlash because “this is a free country”. But, one thing good about America today is that the citizens all have an equal affect on the government with their votes. No matter how they vote, unless they are in the electoral college.

  3. Ava Gravino says:

    America is a land of opportunity. We live in a free country. We have individual liberties and freedoms. America allows individuals to climb a ladder to success and reach their goals. If you work hard for what you want, here in America you can get it. The ideas of the “American Dream” and opportunity are what makes America itself. American citizens often take for granted how lucky we are to have opportunity. In comparison to less fortunate nations, America is a thriving nation. However, our nation is still far from perfect and we struggle with many issues like the war on terror.

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