Debate on Guns

Due to current events and classroom discussions I thought you might want to comment further on the meaning of the Second Amendment and what might be common sense gun control without violating constitutional rights.

Please take a moment to watch the two interviews from PBS Newshour after the shootings in Las Vegas and then comment on the politics of gun rights/control. Please add any other links that you think might be helpful to this conversation.



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5 Responses to Debate on Guns

  1. Hannah Minix says:

    In my opinion I believe you should have a license in order to buy or use any gun so nothing bad happens. And if you do buy a gun they should be tracked because if something bad happens like a shooting, or hunting accident they would be able to back track the incident and figure it all out .

  2. Arianna Pearson says:

    I believe the intention of the second amendment when it was first written was to allow any and every citizen of the US to own and carry a gun on them at all times for self-defense. However, i do not believe that this should still be the case now because of situations like what happened in Las Vegas. I believe that anyone should be allowed to own a gun but not be able to carry it with them at all times. I feel as though anyone with a gun license should have to renew it every year or so and have a background check done to make sure that their intentions of owning the gun are still innocent and solely for the purpose of self-defense. Lastly, any gun, gun part, or modification device that can fire off rounds like the one the shooter in Vegas possessed, should not be sold or made available to private citizens. Weapons like such should be used only in the military.

  3. Soumaya Azeroual says:

    From my personal perspective, I believe that people should be able to defend themselves with guns under certain rules and regulations. Back ground checks should always be required, because this ensures that convicted felons and dangerous mentally ill people do not have access to them.

  4. Kaitlyn Hazelton says:

    I believe that every American citizen ought to have the right to buy a firearm for their own personal protection, however, I think there should be a tighter grip on what the government classifies as eligible to buy a weapon and eligible to sell weapons. The terrible public shootings are not always the gun control policy’s fault, sometimes it is the corruption of those selling the guns. If the government carefully chooses who can or can’t distribute firearms and who can or can’t purchase them, our country could be a little bit safer. Also, I believe the sale of anything bigger than a handgun is unnecessary for personal protection. Rifles are for hunting and this is the 21st century; the human race does not need to depend on individual citizens bringing home game for the whole village to share.

  5. Ava Gravino says:

    By the second amendment of the US Constitution, Americans have the right to bear arms. Americans should always have full rights to own firearms for protection. However, there comes a point when there is a need for gun control qualifications. Unfortunate situations like school shootings and the most current event of the Las Vegas mass shooting, entail the need for more gun control. Necessary restrictions (like requiring a license, tracking gun use and purchase of ammunition) are to keep unwanted gun use at bay. Yes, Americans should be able to protect themselves, but purchasing an overload of ammunition (Vegas mass shooting) is highly unnecessary and is no longer a use of protection but a possible threat.

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