Welcome Back

Hello to all my new students. This website contains assignments, notes, and other bits of information that will help you in my class. Please write a sentence or two about an experience you had this summer or something new that you learned while on break from school.

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8 Responses to Welcome Back

  1. Arianna Pearson says:

    This summer seems like it went by faster than the others. I didn’t do much of anything other than go to tennis practice and a few other events.

  2. Hannah Minix says:

    I went on a one day vacation this summer to New York state park witch is the north east grand canyon. And we broke down in the rv on the way back so we ended up staying 4 hours at a TA gas station.

  3. James Hayes says:

    This summer I had the opportunity to see mountains in Utah. I was able to hike on a few and it was a great experience because I never had the chance to do anything similar in Ohio.

  4. Kaylee Smith says:

    I realized on summer break that people get mad for the wrong reasons, which just make them look uneducated. A couple times this summer people were getting angry at established people such as politicians and the President for things that later were revealed to be fake news, when there’s a plethora of actual things to actually be mad at them about. But so many people are sheep and hear something so claim it’s the truth which make them unreliable in the future when they’re going to try and prove something. Which is why you must fact check

  5. Bella DeMarco says:

    This summer I came aware of other people’s cultures when I went to Orlando and I spoke with many different people from many different countries.

  6. Kaitlyn Hazelton says:

    This summer I spent a month in Germany and some of Austria as a part of an exchange program. Germany was really cool, but Austria was just breathtakingly beautiful. The rest of my summer was spent playing golf for the Nordonia golf team. As my first true week of golf, I managed to competitively play 99 holes in the span of 6 days.

  7. Soleil Barnes says:

    This summer was very productive basketball wise. I played a lot of games and did a lot of training so that I could be able to play at the next level after graduation. I came to a realization that this year is very important for me both school wise and basketball wise. This year is going to test how mentally tough I am and if I’m ready to proceed into the next level.

  8. Jenna Ashley says:

    This summer, I traveled to Michigan for vacation, the Dominican Republic for a missions trip, and Kelley’s Island for camp. I’m grateful for all of the experiences I had.

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