Second Semester

Hey everybody,

We are about to start semester two (Spring 2017). Some of you will be graduating while some heading into their senior year. All of you will have exciting new adventures during 2017. What plans to you have to better the person you are this year? Is there something you will read, study, try for the first time, or investigate this year? What new approach to learning and/or school will you commit to this semester? What new classes are you looking forward to? How will you finish this school year strong?

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7 Responses to Second Semester

  1. Brett White says:

    I’m looking forward to my sixth period study hall. Other then that, nothing’s going to change. Maybe I’ll read the AP Gov book.

  2. Alexis Harris says:

    I look forward to learning how to study, because I don’t know how, I’m also looking forward to contemporary issues.

  3. Caroline Lohm says:

    I am looking forward to government because I have little to no background and will finally get to study it, yet I am also dreading it considering I know very little. I plan to work on my organizational skills, and also work on time management (major weakness).

  4. He says:

    New Class = Econ 🙂

  5. Ben Broscheid says:

    Looking forward to working harder to acheive more. I wasn’t giving my all these last couple of weeks but now… It’s go time!

  6. Megan Ryan says:

    I’m working on how to do stuff on time. 🙂 Procrastination is a major weakness.

  7. Emani Hudson says:

    Looking forward to all of my classes next year, mainly AP Psychology, contemporary issues and sociology. Hopefully they are interesting and we have good discussions.

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