Immigration Policy

On Tuesday, September 7 all my classes will be discussing immigration policy. For some classes it will be a new topic and not necessarily related to our regular curriculum. For some classes it is very closely related and will enhance previous and future material covered in your course. Those of you who would like to investigate and comment further on this topic please use the following links and add your comment below.

Immigration Point-Based Systems

PPT slides of stats

NPR coverage of immigration

PBS coverage of immigration

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4 Responses to Immigration Policy

  1. Pbs seems to take a democratic side to the issue of immigration while NPR seems to take both parties stances on the matter.

  2. Brett White says:

    The UK clearly wants to limit immigration, and by leaving the EU anybody who “floated” into the UK via EU citizenship would be forced to comply to the points-based system unless the UK decides to grandfather them in. Both NPR and PBS are going nuts about the different immigration stances in the current presidential election (2016 Clinton vs Trump), but NPR does have a good, non-election-focused report on immigration. In an interview by Michael Martin, Milton Allimadi and Chih Wu Chang both agreed that the US should be a role model for the rest of the world, and Valeria Luiselli stated that the US shouldn’t be the world police officer and that other countries should solve problems by themselves, whether they come up with their own solution or emulate a similar concept developed by the US. Thus, immigration allows foreign people to see what the US is and how it operates and report back to their own countries and maybe get something unfair changed. That’s one of two reasons why anyone should immigrate to the US. The other would be to escape an abusive or oppressive government to start a new life. If someone wishes to immigrate, but doesn’t wish to learn from America or escape bad government, then they don’t have a valid reason to immigrate. If the number of immigrants gets too high, rather then turning them back to certain death, they should be redirected elsewhere where a melting pot culture exists and a healthy economy flourishes, like Canada.

  3. It’s interesting how similar the UK’s point system is to the one our small group created today in class today. Rational minds think alike. Also different news programs can give you a very different idea about the same issue, that’s why it’s important to gather all the information before devising an opinion..

  4. Ben Broscheid says:

    I don’t know how to feel about illegal immigrants. While it is true that there are many unemployed Americans (whose jobs may have been taken by immigrants) the immigrants are a vital part of our economy legal or illegal. That being said something still needs to happen and that something cannot be trying to kick them all out and building a wall but we also cannot give them all citizenship. There is a middle ground somewhere and while I don’t know the answer it is something that our future president will need to think about.

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