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American (Ohio) Education

Education is a big topic today, from daily news to election debates. People everywhere have opinions about what is good and bad, what should be fixed and how to do it. The Contemporary Issues class will look at this issue … Continue reading

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Constitution Day Video

Watch the Constitution Day Video emphasizing Article II and the presidency. Comment on it in light of the current campaign of 2012. Video

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9/11 Discussion

In each of my classes today, we considered the attacks, the victims, the terrorists, and the heroes. We spent some time with video, audio, and photographs that commemorate that day. Each class discussion was a little bit different, and skipped … Continue reading

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Last week the Republicans met in Tampa FL. This week the Democrats will meet in Charlotte NC. Comment on what you heard or saw from or about the conventions. Do they change your mind about a candidate or an issue? … Continue reading

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