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Out with the Old…

Check out some of these fun ditties from 2011. Cleveland area shatters yearly rainfall record. A royal wedding. Bad singing, bad lyrics, bad music lands most viewed on Youtube. Three weather events all top the worst on record for the … Continue reading

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Election Season Gets Underway

Take some time to research and reflect on the Presidential Primaries. Starting with the heavily covered and debated, Iowa Caucuses, then to New Hampshire, and across the country, who is emerging as the Republican Nominee? Why don’t people like Mitt … Continue reading

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Is this compromise or caving in to pressure? More politics as usual? What are the chances something significant gets done when the new year starts? The primary election season will have already been started by then. Read this article from … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Congress?

The Congress is deeply divided by differences in the 2 house and between the 2 parties. Watch or listen to the following reports about these important issues, and comment on who you think is to blame, and on what you … Continue reading

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